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Cultural Mindfulness Training™

A new take on Cultural Competency.
Encouraging individuals to look inward in order to better look outward.


Cultural Competency is Not Working

Cultural competency trainings are not achieving desired results. Studies show cultural competence mainly increases healthcare professionals' knowledge, attitudes, and skills but demonstrates little or no effect on patient satisfaction, patient health outcomes, and decreasing health disparities. (References)
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The Solution… Cultural Mindfulness™

Cultural Mindfulness™ aims to support and engage employees to work toward self-identified goals, building upon a foundation of self-knowledge and self-care. Sustainable change starts at the executive level and permeates throughout the organization. We empower healthcare organizations to identify and reconcile differences, promoting a transformative approach to customer interaction and satisfaction.

Cultural Mindfulness combines three evidence-based frameworks

which help health organizations:

Improve patient outcomes

We work with individuals and organizations to acknowledge moral distress, and cultural misconceptions and incrementally reduce harm to self, team, and client.

Create healthier work relationships

Using innovative, shame-free approaches, our program addresses knowledge, skills, and attitudes about self, others, and community culture.

Promote client and community satisfaction

Feeling understood and feeling socially recognized creates a positive work environment which leads to healthier communities.

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Contact us today, begin your journey to a more mindful organization.

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